It might be easy to dismiss United Carrier Registration as just another bureaucratic hoop that takes time and money away from your business.

There are forms to fill out, fees to pay…blah, blah, blah.

And if you don’t comply…you could face some hefty fines.

Thing is, although it seems like a royal PIA, UCR registration makes our roads safer, and, if you understand the system, it actually streamlines the registration process.

Are you in compliance?

Let’s find out!

Understanding the Unified Carrier Registration

The Unified Carrier Registration (also known as the UCR act) came into effect to replace confusing state-administered programs that attempted to register commercial motor vehicles. The UCR agreement created one federally mandated, regardless of residing state, vehicle registration program to pay annual vehicle registration fees via the UCR.

The program is overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation (DOT).  The UCR is set up to ensure that commercial vehicles crossing state lines have a valid reason to do so.

Who Needs to Register?

Is UCR Registration Mandatory

The UCR program requires interstate motor carriers, freight forwarders, intermodal equipment providers, etc., that travel across state lines to register their vehicles with the federal government. UCR includes all carriers – private, exempt, or for hire. In addition, brokers and leasing companies are also required to register and pay a fee unless they also operate as motor carriers.

There are a few exceptions to UCR registration:  

In other words:

If you operate one or more commercial vehicles across state lines that weigh more than 10,000 pounds, even if you are a broker or leasing company, you most likely need to pay UCR registration fees.

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UCR Fees

In the Unified Carrier Registration plan, there is only one annual fee-based registration needed for each vehicle. The amount of registration fee is based on the number of qualifying vehicles in the carrier’s fleet size.  

Here’s a breakdown of the current UCR fee scale:

2023 Unified Carrier Registration Plan Fees
No. of power units 0-23-56-20 21-100101-10001,001 and above
2023 fee$41$121$242$844$4,024$39,289

Benefits of Complying with UCR

Obviously, first and foremost, the major benefit of complying with UCR is to avoid fines and potential shutdown of your business by not being registered.

But UCR uses the registration fees to fund safety programs, USDOT officer training, and state enforcement agencies.  This in turn helps to ensure that all commercial vehicles are abiding by federal regulations and allows the agencies to carry out their mission of keeping our roads safe for everyone.

Getting Your UCR

Now that you know some of the ins and outs of UCR, you’re ready to complete the registration. 

How do you get registered?

You can go to to register yourself. 

However, many people find the registration process boring and sometimes confusing.

That’s why we’re here!

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Have More Questions about UCR?

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