Permits & Docs (Checklist) Trucking Companies Need to Make Money Trucking  

So you’re ready to drive into the wonderful world of trucking! But pump the brakes, as a heavily regulated industry, there are a metric ton of documents and permits needed for trucking company owners. Fear not; whether you are a seasoned veteran or about to start a trucking company, The Permit Shop is here to […]

How to do IFTA Taxes: IFTA Reporting Requirements Explained

IFTA Reporting Requirements

Paying tax anytime can be a pain, but IFTA doesn’t have to be. In fact, today, you will see when you get your IFTA reporting set up appropriately, you won’t have to worry about discrepancies when filing fuel tax returns. And this article will be your GPS down the IFTA tax road. In this post […]

Your Complete Guide to UCR Registration and Fees

Is UCR Registration Mandatory

It might be easy to dismiss United Carrier Registration as just another bureaucratic hoop that takes time and money away from your business. There are forms to fill out, fees to pay…blah, blah, blah. And if you don’t comply…you could face some hefty fines. Thing is, although it seems like a royal PIA, UCR registration […]